Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has unveiled plans to invest approximately $240m to upgrade the metropolitan airport system.

The investment will be made over the next three years and upgrade the system at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

It will also fund system upgrades at the Toluca, Puebla and Cuernavaca airports.

The SCT will acquire a range of technologies, including performance-based navigation (PBN), communication systems, surveillance and navigation aids.

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A control centre at AICM will be constructed as part of the project.

The existing airport systems are outdated, resulting in longer travel time and increasing the operational expenses of service providers and passengers.

According to analysis released by the SCT, these obsolete systems have a technological lag of at least ten years. As a result, they promote fuel consumption and cause excessive CO2 emissions.

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A statement from the SCT said: “With the implementation of the project, air routes will become more efficient, which will be reflected in fewer miles travelled and fuel savings.

“The increase in air traffic, as well as the peculiarities of the geography of Mexico, make it necessary to start an airspace optimisation programme with the objective of allowing controllers to manage traffic in a safe, orderly and efficient manner.”

AICM is an international airport that serves Greater Mexico City. It is the busiest airport by passenger traffic and aircraft movements in Mexico and Latin America.