The first phase of a $1.62bn overhaul of Terminals 4 (T4) and 5 (T5) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in California, US, has concluded with the inauguration of Terminal 4.5 Core.

This newly opened terminal will offer passengers direct access to T5’s baggage claim and check-in lobby, stated airport operator Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA).

It also serves as the central location between T4 and T5, allowing passengers to access all four levels of the terminal building on the pre-security side.

LAWA CEO Justin Erbacci said: “The opening of the Terminal 4.5 Core is an exciting step toward the complete reimagination of Terminals 4 and 5, and will allow guests to efficiently move through our facilities to help streamline their travel journey.

“We would like to thank American Airlines for their partnership and investment in the modernisation of our airport.” 

Upon completion of the future automated people mover (APM) train project, Terminal 4.5 Core will also offer access to APM’s West Central Area station via a pedestrian walkway. 

The Terminal 4.5 Core project was initiated in July 2019 and finished ahead of schedule.

Terminal 4/5 Modernisation’s next stage will involve the creation of the new Terminal 4 Headhouse.

The headhouse will comprise American Airlines’ ticketing counters and baggage claim carousels, as well as a consolidated security screening checkpoint. 

This phase is expected to be completed in 2024.

American Airlines Corporate Real Estate and Planning vice-president Kirk Hotelling said: “We are excited about the completion of the Terminal 4.5 Core, where our customers are now able to more easily pass between American’s baggage claim and ticketing levels.

“The team is already making great progress on the next phase of our construction journey — the Terminal 4 headhouse project — which will provide our customers with seamless connectivity and increased efficiencies between American’s ticketing and baggage claim operations in both Terminals 4 and 5.”