London City Airport (LCY) in the UK has decided to replace its current conventional security X-ray machines with new CT scanners from Leidos.

The new scanners are expected to become operational from April next year.

LCY chief operating officer Alison FitzGerald said: “Following our one-lane trial this year, we know the new CT scanners are high performing and our passengers love them.

“We are always challenging ourselves to make the LCY experience even better, so this, alongside the £12m upgrade in the departure lounge, will mean the journey through the airport in 2023 will be even slicker, with more space and better food and beverage and retail options.

“Thanks to the Leidos solution, alongside speed, it also delivers the highest security specifications.”

Once operational, LCY will be amongst the first airports in the UK to provide a complete CT security offering.

The scanners have been designed to detect objects such as laptops and approved liquids in hand luggage, thereby phasing out the need to remove these items before passing through the X-ray machine.

With the ability to process up to 550 trays per hour per lane, the scanners have been tested throughout this year. 

These tests are said to have resulted in higher security performance and improved passenger experience.

LCY estimates nearly four million passengers in 2023.

Leidos Aviation division manager and director Jonathan Stone said: “We’re excited to expand our partnership with London City Airport and enhance their security checkpoints.

“Leidos focuses on constant innovation and discovery. Through our next-generation technology, airports can achieve high-security levels while providing a better travel experience for their passengers.”