Italian company Leonardo has secured multiple contracts worth more than $40.55m (€35m) to modernise the baggage-handling systems at ten Spanish airports.

In a consortium with the Spanish construction firm Cemosa, Leonardo will carry out the upgrade works to ensure that the systems meet the latest security standards.

These public tenders were issued by state-owned Spanish airport operator Aena, which operates 46 airports and two heliports in Spain and has stakes in 23 additional airports in Europe and the Americas.

Leonardo secured all three lots covering airports across mainland Spain and the Canary Islands, including La Palma, Santiago-Rosalía de Castro, Valencia, Asturias, Bilbao, Jerez and more.

The work includes the replacement of baggage transport components, as well as electromechanical, control, supervision and management equipment for baggage sorting.

Additionally, the baggage handling systems will feature European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3-approved security technology such as X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) scanners.

Meanwhile, Cemosa will execute civil works and updates to auxiliary systems.

Leonardo stated that all ten airports will be modernised at the same time, with the project scheduled to be completed within two years.

In a statement, the company said: “Leonardo is guaranteeing the continued operation of baggage management services throughout the duration of the upgrade work and has carried out complex planning and coordination activities with its supply chain to ensure continuity.”

Leonardo added that these new contracts ‘reinforce the company’s position as a market leader in baggage handling.’

Previously, the company has worked with European airports and airports in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

In June 2020, Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide contracted Leonardo to install a baggage handling system.