US-based technology firm Leidos has secured a contract from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to upgrade on-person screening technology at airport security checkpoints across the country.

Under the contract, Leidos will be responsible for the overhaul of TSA’s entire fleet of Pro:Vision advanced imaging technology (AIT) systems with a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithm.

The overhaul is aimed at boosting security effectiveness through enhanced threat detection methodology that will reduce false alarms.

This update will be completed over several months.

Leidos senior vice-president and operations manager Brad Buswell said: “We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with the TSA to further improve the technology and the passenger screening experience at security checkpoints.

“These new algorithms will help reduce false alarms that lead to unnecessary pat-downs and checkpoint inefficiencies.” 

The contract is expected to further bolster Leidos and TSA collaboration to progressively enhance the nation’s security posture against evolving threats.

Leidos will work alongside the TSA to update more than 1,000 Pro:Vision AIT solutions.

Last month, Frankfurt Airport decided to install the Leidos ClearScan CT scanner at the new security lane under transition in Terminal 1, Concourse A.

Equipped with advanced explosives detection algorithms, the scanner is expected to cut the time taken per passenger at the airport security checkpoint.

Last November, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in the US opted for Leidos’ Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) system to reduce runway departure queues and streamline operations in the airport’s air traffic control tower.