Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has announced that all passengers and employees must wear face coverings in all public areas within Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) terminals.

The new measure is in accordance with the guidance issued by public health officials and the policy issued by the City of Los Angeles to mandate face coverings.

Passengers should cover their face in all areas of the airport. They can use fabric face coverings, scarves or bandanas.

A T-shirt, towel or other fabric can be used for face coverings, which can be held in place using fasteners such as rubber bands.

Passengers may be asked to remove or adjust the face coverings by officers from the Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) during security screening.

TSA has advised passengers to wash their hands before and after the security screening process and they will have to screen their wallets, keys or phone in carry-on property.

Airlines have also started to plan or implement policies to mandate face coverings on board aircraft.

Passengers in the LAX are permitted to remove their face coverings while eating food or drinking beverages. However, they should put their masks back after eating.

LAWA will display the necessity for face coverings using social media, displays throughout the terminals, and by partnering with the other operators at the airport to ensure that the information is communicated.

Previously, the airport added signage to inform passengers to practice social distancing, wash their hands often and to direct sick passengers to not enter the terminal.

To ensure the safety of the passengers and employees, LAWA has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LA County Health).

Last week, San Diego International Airport (SAN) also made face covering mandatory for all passengers, visitors, tenants, contractors and employees while on airport property.