KEY WEST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Florida, the US, has deployed an autonomous robot that eradicates 99.9% of pathogens, including the one causing Covid-19, and sterilises the air using ultraviolet technology.

The airport claimed that it is Florida’s first airport to implement such a robot.

By working on a molecular level, the robot destroys the DNA of the virus so that it cannot replicate.

Key West International Airport teamed up with Florida-based iP Programme, which is a division of Gallo Medical, as it considered the different available solutions to meet its disinfecting needs.

iP Programme president Christine Gallo said: “We are thrilled to work with Key West International Airport to demonstrate how UV technology can truly revolutionise disinfecting public spaces in record time without the need for harsh chemicals.

“The FDA, WHO and FEMA endorsed UVC as an effective germicidal treatment that destroys, kills and inactivates microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.”

The airport has taken several measures to help mitigate the risk of the coronavirus.

These measures include deep cleaning, mask and social distancing signage, mandating and providing masks for all personnel airport visitors, anti-microbial and touchless dispensers and fixtures, and the installation of hand sanitiser stations throughout the facility.

Key West International Airport senior director Richard Strickland said: “UV technology is another fantastic disinfection tool to rid surfaces of Covid-19 currently on the market. Our continued commitment to the health and safety of all of our guests as well as our employees has to come first.”