Kelowna International Airport (YLW) in Canada has introduced a contactless payment option for parking at the airport via the PayByPhone mobile app.

The app has been launched as an added measure to keep passengers safe during the current Covid-19 crisis.

With the help of this app, customers at the airport will now be able to make parking payments at meters placed along the front curb, across from the terminal.

The drivers can pay directly at a meter after entering their parking location and length of stay in the app.

The app sends a message to the user, enabling them to make extensions of the parking session remotely rather than having to return to the car to feed the meter.

Kelowna International Airport director Sam Samaddar said: “Contactless payment is an additional health and safety measure we are implementing at YLW with the help of the PayByPhone app. The new mobile parking app is an easy, simple process to pay for metered parking during your next visit to YLW.”

PayByPhone CEO Roamy Valera said: “We’re excited to be adding YLW to the growing list of airports where PayByPhone is simplifying and modernising the parking experience. We’re not new to the Kelowna area, but we’re glad to be expanding our presence where travellers are looking for a safer, and more convenient way to pay for parking while they travel.”

The airport stated that the need to replace the parking equipment emerged after the depreciation of the existing infrastructure.