Kansas City International Airport in the US is set to launch its new terminal on 28 February 2023.

Construction works for the $1.5bn project began in March 2019 and is said to be one of the largest projects in Kansas City’s history.

The project was led by the City of Kansas City, the Kansas City Aviation Department, Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate and joint venture Clark | Weitz | Clarkson.

Featuring 40 gates and 16 dedicated security lanes, the new terminal is said to enhance the travelling experience and create new job opportunities for local and small businesses.

Kansas City Aviation Department previously noted that all the operations, including arrivals and departures that are scheduled for 27 February and prior to 1am on 28 February, will occur at the existing terminals.

It added that airlines will relocate 31 aircraft from their gates at Terminals B and C to the new terminal overnight to prepare for their morning departures.

Kansas City International Airport Aviation director Pat Klein said: “For the last four years, the project team has worked diligently to keep the New Terminal on schedule and on budget.

“As we approach the finish line, I thank the stakeholders who’ve contributed greatly and the residents of the entire region for their ongoing support.”

Once opened, the 1.1 million square foot terminal will be used for both arrivals and departures, according to Simple Flying.

The upper floor of the terminal will be used for departures while the lower floor will be used for arrivals.