Israel’s newest Ramon Airport has been equipped with communication and passenger processing systems provided by global information technology company for air transport industry SITA.

The airport opened early this year and SITA systems were successfully evaluated prior to their seamless integration with all the airport’s systems.

SITA Europe president Sergio Colella said: “We are pleased to have played such a key role in supporting the smooth opening of the new Ramon Airport. Fundamental to the successful opening of the new airport was to ensure that not only our solutions were trialled and tested but that they were seamlessly integrated with all the airport’s systems. Drawing on our global experience and tested solutions, we delivered on both counts.”

The company’s communication service is designed to allow a faster and more effective exchange of operational information between the airport, airlines and other stakeholders.

“SITA have long been our partner at Ben Gurion Airport and we have now extended that relationship to Ramon Airport.”

SITA BagMessage system will allow the airport to keep track of passengers’ bags. The system is designed to simplify information relating to the exchange of baggage during the journey.

The other SITA solutions implemented at the airport include common-use systems such as a range of fixed check-in and boarding points, self-service check-in kiosks, check-in and boarding points to support quick passenger flow.

Furthermore, the operational systems at Ramon Airport will be connected to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

Israel Airports Authority maintenance division head Amnon Cohen said: “Robust technology is an important element contributing to the smooth operations of any airport and therefore we needed a partner we could rely on when opening Ramon Airport.

“SITA have long been our partner at Ben Gurion Airport and we have now extended that relationship to Ramon Airport.

“Their reliability, together with their dynamic product portfolio, meant we could depend on them to provide a solution that will serve the new airport for many years to come.”

Around 2 million passengers are expected to be served by Ramon Airport annually and up to 4.2 million passengers by 2030.