Information technology company INDRA has secured new contracts from China for the installation of 35 DVOR and DME systems to facilitate accurate, secure and efficient navigation.

The DVOR and DME systems will enable aircrafts to ascertain their angle and distance from a specific spot on the ground when approaching airports and track airways with accuracy.

The new systems will be delivered by INDRA’s Australian team and installed by the firm’s team in Beijing, China.

Currently, the en-route control centres in Chengdu and Xian are using INDRA systems for the upper airspace of eight regions in China, covering around 4.2 million square kilometres.

Indra has also deployed its air automation system at the Chengdu terminal area control centre.

In air surveillance, the company has installed a radar network for overseeing air movements in over 60% of the country.

INDRA has deployed more than 950 navaids and has equipped numerous control centres and 15 towers.

The company stated that it is already involved with the preparation of future-oriented navigation aid systems, including the ground-based augmentation systems (GBAS, GAST D category), which provide a much more competent, accurate and safe trajectory for landing.

INDRA is a member of the EU GBAS Alliance that encourages the adoption of this technology at airports on the mainland.

In 2018, it also carried out flight tests with this system at Hong Kong International Airport (AIHK) in partnership with the region’s Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD).

In 2020, Indra and Spanish air services provider, ENAIRE, conducted tests at Tenerife Norte Airport (TFN) in Spain.