Egypt’s Hurghada International Airport has inaugurated Terminal 2 after all development and construction work was completed.

Egypt Independent reported that the terminal features 11 departure gates connected to the aircraft by direct bridges, as well as nine departure gates connected to the remote aeroplanes by buses.

It also features 72 reservation counters for the registration of departures and receipt of luggage, and two counters for large luggage services.

The terminal also has 18 counters to verify the passports of departing travellers and 16 counters have been set up to check the documents of incoming passengers.

As part of the modernisation programme, an automatic baggage transfer system with six conveyor belts has also been installed.

An additional nine electric conveyor belts have been installed to handle the baggage of incoming passengers.

The operator of Hurghada Airport ordered the transfer of all international departures and arrivals to Terminal 1 in November 2017 so that Terminal 2 could undergo the development and modernisation phase.

The Arab Contractors Company was awarded the Terminal 2 development contract, which deployed modern security equipment, and developed the sorting area for departure baggage.

Egyptian Airports Company chairman Wael al-Nashar was quoted by Egypt Independent as saying that the costs of development work at the Hurghada International Airport totalled one billion Egyptian pounds.

Al-Nashar further told the publication that the development works will focus on increasing the number of flights to Hurghada during the summer season.

Located 5km southwest of El Dahar, Hurghada, the airport is the second busiest in Egypt and an important destination for leisure flights.

The facility was inaugurated by Egyptian Aviation Minister Younes al-Masri.