Technology company Honeywell has boosted its Navitas platform to enable airport operators and air navigation service providers to make better decisions across airside operations.

A system of systems (SoS) proposition, the Honeywell NAVITAS software suite has been designed to automate air traffic services.

The aim is to facilitate ground movement, control and monitoring of airside, as well as air traffic management (ATM) equipment.

This software suite uses artificial intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning, cyber security and human-centred design principles.

It includes nine dedicated systems or ‘managers’ that are present within the full suite.

The engineering manager offers a complete insight about navigational, communication, weather and visual aids to the airport or the air traffic engineering team.

The surface manager system has been designed to provide airport safety support, routing and guidance services for air traffic control (ATC).

The surveillance manager helps identify the precise location of the aircraft, while the lights manager has been developed to control and monitor airport lighting equipment.

Additionally, the SoS includes other dedicated systems such as tower manager, performance manager, turnaround manager, integration manager and arrival/departure manager.

Honeywell Building Technologies Global Airports general manager Philipose Jacob said: “The Honeywell Navitas suite helps create more resilient, agile and efficient airports.

“Creating the airport of the future requires a strong operational backbone that prioritises safety, experience and efficiency to adapt to the daily needs of travellers and employees.

“The upgrades to the Honeywell NAVITAS software suite support airport operations and help drive decreased operational expenses, all while promoting a higher level of safety, security and uptime and an improved experience for travellers and employees.”