London’s Gatwick Airport in the UK is set to commence a two-month trial to identify the most effective boarding sequence.

The airport will install large digital screens at Gate 101 for the trial. These screens will show passengers the order of boarding.

The trial aims to identify the fastest and most relaxed method for decreasing large numbers of passengers rushing to gates.

Gatwick Airport noted that passengers with priority boarding, those who need special assistance and those travelling with children, will board first during the two-month trial.

Modelling suggested that these methods could possibly reduce boarding times by around 10%.

In addition to data collected during the trial, the airport will evaluate passenger feedback before making its final decision.

Gatwick Airport Enabling Technologies and Digital Innovation head Abhi Chacko said: “We want to explore whether boarding by seat number will avoid queues in the gate room and when boarding the aircraft.

“Early indications are that this new technique has the potential to reduce the overall boarding time.  By communicating to passengers better and boarding passengers by seat number, we also expect to make the whole boarding experience more relaxing and potentially prevent large numbers of passengers rushing forward at any stage.”

In September, Gatwick Airport launched a new information portal for aircraft noise.

Vodafone also installed its 5G network at the airport’s South Terminal.

In August, Gatwick Airport unveiled a £1.1bn five-year investment plan aimed to ensure the facility is ready for future growth.