Fraport Greece, a subsidiary of German airport operator Fraport, has announced plans to expand Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) in Greece.

In addition to improving comfort, safety and functionality at the airport, the airport operator will enhance the airport’s image and enable it to serve a growing number of passengers, which is expected to increase 48% by 2026.

Fraport Greece said that the company will invest approximately €100m in creating a ‘new era’ at Greece’s second largest city.

Fraport CEO Schulte said: “Fraport is proud to present the new exciting vision of Thessaloniki Airport – our single largest infrastructure investment in Greece. Thessaloniki region has an amazing heritage and a dynamic future – which requires an airport fit for the future.

“Thessaloniki region has an amazing heritage and a dynamic future – which requires an airport fit for the future.”

“Step by step, we are improving procedures, operations, services, connectivity and infrastructure. Our goal is to enhance the overall customer experience.”

Along with the second terminal, the fund will be spent on modernising the existing terminal with a total floor space of 24,000m², building a new fire station and upgrading the waste-water biological treatment unit, as well as connecting it to the main city network.

The company will also install 47% more check-in counters, 75% more baggage claim belts and a 50% increase in the number of gates. It will also double the number of security lanes.

Simultaneously, major upgrade works taking place elsewhere at the airport include reconstructing the runway and apron areas and installing a modern baggage handling and control system.

Fraport Greece’s SKG development programme, which is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2021, will considerably boost capacity for a modern gateway to the city of Thessaloniki and its wider region.