German airport operator Fraport and Finnish company Caverion have agreed to continue their partnership for Frankfurt Airport’s new terminal project.

Under the partnership, Caverion aims to set new sustainability standards at the terminal.

It has been tasked with the installation of cooling, heating, sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning technologies in the Pier J building.

The Finnish firm has also been involved in the construction of the terminal’s Pier G building, which has already been completed.

Fraport Ausbau Süd project manager for Pier G Ilma Celja said: “Together with all those involved in the project, including the planners, contractors and authorities, we see ourselves as a team.

“The good communication in the project with Caverion has led to a trusting cooperation and the punctual completion.”

Additionally, the technology deployed aims to facilitate climate-friendly operations at Terminal 3, helping Fraport to lower carbon emissions at Frankfurt Airport by 67%, in comparison with 1990 levels, by the end of the decade.

Caverion Germany division head Manfred Simmet said: “I am proud of our team, which successfully implemented the time-critical execution, and I am pleased that the customer continues to trust us.

“For the second construction phase, we can incorporate our experience from the completed Pier G project and benefit from other realised infrastructure projects.”

Earlier in the year, Fraport agreed on a $174m deal to divest its 24.5% stake in Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in Central China to Chang’an Huitong.

The cash flow from the transaction is expected to lower the group’s net financial debt.