Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) in the US state of Indiana has opened the first major West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation Project portion of the terminal building.

The new portion of the terminal building now open to the public includes a ticket counter, check-in area and American Airlines offices.

It also features an upgraded seating area and vestibules, as well as a portion of the new terminal’s drive canopy.

Additionally, the new area has low-profile baggage scales, new interior and exterior signage, and the start of a cane trail that will run through the entire terminal building.

The newly opened portion is part of a $47m terminal expansion project.

FWA Airports executive director Scott Hinderman said: “We are excited to welcome passengers into the first finished portion of the West Terminal Expansion Project.

“This will give people a glimpse at what the rest of the terminal will look like as we move toward opening new areas and completing the project. The Airport Authority staff looks forward to passengers enjoying some of the new amenities, as well as the new look of FWA moving forward.”

Once the American Airlines ticketing space is operational, work will commence on Allegiant Air’s ticket counter space, followed by tickets counters for Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, FWA said.