Finnair has signed an agreement with Airpro and Aviator Finland regarding ground handling services at Helsinki Airport.

The two firms will operate Finnair’s ramp services such as luggage handling at the airport.

Finland’s flag carrier’s current partner Swissport Finland’s ground handling contract will be terminated as of 31 March 2021.

Finnair VP for ground operations Jukka Glader said: “The new partnerships will bring us the flexibility that we need as we gradually increase flying. It is estimated that it takes commercial aviation two to three years to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic’s impacts.”

Airpro managing director Janne Hattula said: “We are extremely thrilled to begin cooperation with Finnair at Helsinki Airport in addition to the regional airports. Finnair is already an important customer and partner for us, and I believe that this cooperation will build a good path for both of us toward the post-pandemic world.”

Aviator Finland managing director Jukka-Pekka Kujala said: “Operational flexibility is a key success factor in today’s market situation. Our partnership with Finnair is based on close cooperation to anticipate future changes, which is the basis for efficient operations. It is great to be able to be Finnair’s partner as they again start to increase flying.”

Finnair’s customer service personnel will operate customer services at the check-in, departure gates and arrival points at the airport.

Meanwhile, Finavia received positive user feedback from the UVC pilot that commenced at Helsinki Airport in early September.

According to Finavia, the disinfection of security control trays has been fast.

Finavia director of airport networks senior vice-president Joni Jolkkonen said: “The disinfection devices installed at security control points at Rovaniemi and Oulu airports make it possible to clean the trays more often. It also creates cost savings.”