The US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced airport safety and infrastructure grants worth $1.187bn to 439 US airports.

The announcement was made by US Transportation Secretary Elaine L Chao.

The FAA grant money includes Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants worth $731m and Supplemental Discretionary grants worth $455m.

The airports will receive money for the entirety of the eligible costs as per the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Chao said: “This federal investment of over $1bn represents the Department’s continued commitment to the safety and efficiency of our nation’s airports for the travelling public.”

The AIP and Supplemental Discretionary grants are expected to fund different types of projects in the US. Some of the projects include the purchase of aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment, the construction of runways and taxiways and the repair of runways and taxiways.

The funds will also cover projects to install aircraft lighting and signage, to conduct airport master plan studies, and to install airport perimeter fencing.

Federal Aviation Administration administrator Steve Dickson added: “The 439 grants will ensure that airport sponsors can make the necessary improvements so their airports can operate in a safe and efficient manner for years to come.”

Last month, Chao announced an award of $10bn to commercial and general aviation airports under the CARES Act Airport Grant Program.

In February, USDOT announced airport infrastructure grants worth $520.5m to 287 airports located across 41 US states.