Turkey’s Esenboga International Airport has signed an agreement to help boost security by deploying Apstec Systems’ fully automatic real-time mass people screening solution, called the Human Security Radar (HSR).

HSR installation is part of one of several ongoing security enhancement measures taken by the Turkish State Airports Authority following terrorist attacks on Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

Apstec Systems’ HSR was chosen after a pilot test and will be deployed at Esenboga Airport in collaboration with local distributor AKBA.

AKBA co-founders Osman Aksoy and Sirzat Balin said: “HSR constitutes a major breakthrough in the way airports protect the land side of terminals.

“Through deploying HSR as part of its commitment to terminal safety and enhanced security measures, the Turkish Airport Authority has taken a major step to prevent the reoccurrence of terrorist attacks.”

“HSR constitutes a major breakthrough in the way airports protect the land side of terminals.”

To be deployed at the terminal entrances, the security solution will enable the Esenboga Airport to scan up to 10,000 passengers an hour. Nearly 40,000 passengers travel through Esenboga Airport every day.

By combining high throughput, speed and accuracy, the walkthrough system simultaneously screens multiple subjects for threats in real-time. The fully automated solution removes the need for an operator to inspect suspect materials.

Apstec CEO Gregory Labzovsky said: “HSR is proven to dramatically improve safety in crowded public spaces, and enables venue owners to close a critical security capability gap.

“We’re therefore delighted to be working with Esenboga Airport to enhance safety for millions of travellers. AKBA, our distributor in Turkey, were instrumental in helping the Turkish Authorities understand the potential of HSR.”

As well as airports, HSR is also being utilised by the likes of stadiums, entertainment venues, mass transport hubs and networks.