Edinburgh Airport in the UK has opened a Covid-19 coronavirus testing centre for frontline National Health Service (NHS) workers.

This move is part of the UK Government’s aim to increase the testing for healthcare workers.

Edinburgh Airport adds to the currently set-up Covid-19 testing sites, which are to be used on an appointment basis for NHS staff and other key workers.

The government has so far opened 27 testing sites in partnership with universities, research institutes and companies.

The country’s network of testing centres will provide additional PCR swab tests, which will detect if a person is infected with the coronavirus.

The centre at Edinburgh Airport will be operated in partnership with Sodexo. Boots medical staff will administer  some of the tests while others can be self-administered.

Patients will receive the result of the test within 48 hours.

Health Minister Lord Bethell said: “The UK Government is rapidly scaling up the national effort to boost testing capacity for coronavirus to protect the vulnerable, support our NHS, and ultimately save lives.

“This new service will help end the uncertainty of whether NHS and social care staff need to stay at home, meaning those who test negative will be able to return to work.

“This is a national effort and we are proud to be working with a number of partners to turn this ambition into a reality and roll out additional capacity to where it is needed.”

Last week, London Stansted Airport and Glasgow Airport opened coronavirus testing centres for NHS workers.