Non-profit organisation The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), along with Europe’s aviation associations, has urged the European Commission (EC) to create a new approach to ensure the safe integration of drones in the European airspace.

EBAA, along with other aviation organisations, has written an open letter to the European Union’s (EU’s) Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean as part of ‘We are all ONE in the sky’ initiative.

The open letter calls for establishing a regulatory framework for unmanned aviation operations and traffic management (U-Space).

EBAA secretary-general Athar Husain Khan said: “EBAA has always supported an inclusive approach that takes into account the needs of all airspace users. The current proposal from EASA is a promising first step, but more work is required to find a solution that does not limit airspace availability”.

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In their letters, the two organisations have urged EC to develop a regulation proposal that will support and secure the aviation industry, and also launch a comprehensive consultation process involving key representatives from manned and unmanned aviation organisations.

Organisations have also asked to ensure transparency and efficiency in the regulatory and related decision-making processes.

The signatories of the letter have also asked the EU to lead global efforts to develop a proportionate regulatory framework for U-Space.

To ensure safety, public security, capacity, and economic perspective, the organisations believe that a risk-based regulatory framework can provide certainty to all airspace users and the aviation community while facilitating safe integration of drones in Europe’s skies.

In addition, the signatories believe that the upcoming U-Space Regulation represents an important first opportunity to achieve this goal across the globe.