East Midlands Airport (EMA) in the UK restarted limited passenger flight operations on 21 June.

The non-essential passenger operations were suspended due to the travel restrictions and health concerns amid the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The first flight to take off was a Ryanair flight. During June, 16 flights by Ryanair will be operated.

Fuller schedules are expected to be implemented next month.

The Ryanair flight from Alicante arrived at the airport at 15:11pm local time, following which the flight departed to the same destination.

This is the first instance in around 13 weeks that passengers have entered the airport after the shutdown.

Passengers are required to wear face coverings in the airport and all arriving passengers should undergo a 14-day quarantine.

While passenger operations were suspended, East Midlands Airport continued to operate cargo flights and is reported to have become one of the ten busiest airports in Europe during the lockdown.

Due to the pandemic, the airport’s passenger income streams were affected, which led to lay-offs of airport staff and the re-assessment of costs, fees and charges.

For example, the airport has increased its rapid drop off (RDO) rates to £4 for 15 minutes from the previous £3 for ten minutes.

London City Airport in the UK also restarted passenger operations.

Last week, Manchester Airport announced that it will trial pre-booking of 15-minute security slots, in a bid to boost the experience and restore confidence in travel after the Covid-19 pandemic.