Dublin Airport Authority (daa) has rolled out a set of public health measures at Dublin and Cork airports to ensure the safety of passengers and staff against Covid-19.

At both airports, it has mandated face masks for all passengers, except children under the age of 13 and passengers with valid medical conditions, to be worn at all times.

Ten dedicated face mask vending machines are being installed at the airports to facilitate the availability of masks.

The airport operator also said that only passengers will be allowed entry to the terminal buildings. Passengers and staff are recommended to maintain proper hand hygiene and physical distancing guidelines.

As part of the measures, daa will introduce 960 hand sanitisers, 720 protective plexiglass screens and 10,500 pieces of Covid-19 related signage at the airports.

These measures reflect Ireland’s national Covid-19 guidelines and also best practice in the European aviation sector recommended by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), it said.

Daa chief executive Dalton Philips said: “The safety of our passengers, our employees and all the other staff that work at Dublin and Cork airports is always daa’s main priority and we will never compromise on that.

“Our enhanced measures are based on a series of risk assessments that we have undertaken in recent weeks, coupled with the respective national and European guidelines. Our airline partners have also introduced new health and safety measures and we will continue to work with them to protect passengers through their entire journey.”

The airports will apply the new guidelines from 16 June.

Both Dublin and Cork airports remained open throughout the pandemic to allow the repatriation of Irish residents and those based overseas and to enable essential cargo flights.