The new Airspace Restructuring Project (ARP) has been implemented by Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) and the Northern Emirates to improve Dubai’s airspace capacity.

The air traffic management project will provide increased access to all airports in the country. It will enable the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet air traffic demands by 2020.

As part of ARP, DANS introduced 90 new air traffic management procedures and 150 new waypoints as well as appointing 168 trained air traffic controllers. This is intended to provide a seamless transition to the new design of the controlled airspace for Dubai and the northern Emirates.

DANS believes that the project will enable airlines to save $14.6m in fuel consumption in Dubai, which is estimated to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 90,401mt.

“The first phase of the project delivered the new design of the terminal airspace of the UAE.”

DANS chief executive Mohammad Ahli said: “The past three years whilst working on the project, have demonstrated the importance of cross-sector collaboration for the greater benefit of the United Arab Emirates.

“We are also proud to witness the aviation sector arrive at new and unprecedented fronts, as it continues to cater to its prestigious customers of airports, airlines and authorities.”

DANS has been working on ARP over the past three years. The new design of the UAE airspace was delivered under the first phase of the project. It was fully funded by DANS.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) has been a major shareholder during the third phase of the project implementing the final design.