The Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA) in Texas, US, is set to get new flight boarding bridges and an improved runway, with the city’s Mayor Paulette M Guajardo and the members of the City Council approving a $4.4m construction contract.

The project will be entirely funded by federal grants that were allocated to the airport as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mayor Guajardo said: “Our airport is successfully moving projects funded by federal grant monies that will redefine our future. Improvements to the airport are critical to growing our economy and providing opportunities for our residents.”

Boarding bridges connect the aircraft to the terminal gate, enabling passengers to walk directly onto the plane.

Once installed, the new boarding bridges are said to enhance passenger experience with better temperature-controlled walkways.

Additionally, the bridges will incorporate new technologies, making them more efficient to operate for the airlines.

The mayor and council members also approved $2.6m for improving Runway 13-31 as well as various taxiways.

Runway improvement works will see the removal of rubber from the surface, application of crack sealant, coal tar, as well as new pavement markings for the safe navigation of aircraft.

Once completed, the works are expected to extend the life of the runway.

Besides, the project will involve the milling of some taxiways and will be followed by overlay applications.

Generally, projects such as this involve some local contribution, but due to the pandemic, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is financing the project entirely.

The contract will be finalised by next week, and the works at the airport are expected to begin in October.