Cork Airport in Ireland has decided to purchase eight million kilowatt-hours of green electricity from Electric Ireland every year.

The move is part of the airport’s sustainability strategy and Carbon Management Plan, which involves promoting energy efficiency and assisting efforts related to scheduled energy reduction, waste reduction and water conservation.

Cork Airport has been decreasing its energy use each year since 2009, despite growing passenger numbers. This year, passenger traffic is expected to grow by more than 8%.

The airport was awarded the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Public Sector Energy award and has crossed the 2020 National Public Sector Energy Reduction Targets.

Cork Airport Asset Care head Bill Daly said: “This commitment to switch to 100% green electricity forms part of Cork Airport’s overall sustainability strategy.

“Cork Airport has previously won the SEAI Public Sector Sustainable Energy Award and we are currently achieving an annual energy consumption reduction of 48% from a 2006-2009 baseline, independently validated through the SEAI Monitoring and Reporting Programme.

“We are fully committed to developing environmental standards in all areas of our business in order to ensure a safe and efficient airport facility. Switching to 100% green energy is a further endorsement of our sustainability agenda at Cork Airport.”

Airport Council International has named Cork Airport as the Best Airport in Europe that caters to less than five million passengers.

In June last year, aviation services company Swissport International opened its Aspire airport business lounge at Cork Airport.

In early 2018, Cork Airport renamed its main runway to adjust to changes to the earth’s magnetic poles.