Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in the US is set to open portions of the Terminal Lobby Expansion’s (TLE) west side on 27 July.

This expansion adds around 90,000ft² of additional circulation area and offers access to the west subterranean walkway.

Features of the first TLE phase comprise large, picturesque windows, terrazzo flooring throughout, bright blue tiles framing the entrances/exits, as well as architectural-detailed scalloped ceilings.

The TLE is part of Destination CLT, a $3.1bn capital investment programme launched by the airport to carry out concourse overhaul and expand CLT’s roadways, curb front, airfield and terminal.

From 27 July, the passengers can use CLT’s new west end subterranean walkway situated on the Hourly Deck’s first floor.

The tunnel includes a traffic-free and covered walking path from the Hourly Deck to the terminal.

Following the west side opening, door two in the new space will be opened to passengers on the arrivals/baggage claim level while doors one and two can be accessed on the departures/ticketing level. 

The expansion also covers three new artworks, including Meridian, Carolina Moon and Restless Sky.

Construction is being continued on the terminal lobby’s east side. This phase is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2023.

Customer amenities will include modern ticket counters, eight original artworks, charging stations, three large security checkpoints and five pre-security concession spaces.

Upgrade works of the existing departures/ticketing and arrivals/baggage claim areas are expected to be started at the end of this month.

The complete lobby expansion is expected to complete in 2025.

The $608m TLE is said to “transform the airport’s entrance with 366,000ft² of new and renovated space, along with a 146,000ft² canopy that will begin construction in September.”