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Chinese authorities have reportedly shut their airspace for Boeing and Airbus aircraft of Russian carriers after they failed to provide sufficient evidence that imported aircraft were deregistered abroad, RBC reported.

Citing two sources familiar with the development, the Russian media group said that Chinese aviation authorities asked all airlines to update electronic dossiers, containing data such as aircraft, airline owners and ground handling contracts, earlier this month.

Although requesting such information is part of standard procedure, the Chinese authorities reportedly made some changes to it, the source familiar with the matter said.

Russian carriers operating in China reportedly presented this information to the officials, but the Chinese aviation authorities are said to have requested confirmation that imported aircraft of Russian carriers have been officially deregistered abroad.

The Russian airlines could not provide such documents, the media group said.

For this reason, and to adhere to international aviation legislation, China is said to have barred the entry of such aircraft into its airspace.

One of the sources familiar with the development told RBC that other countries have implemented similar bans, demanding the ‘cleanliness’ of aircraft in terms of registration.

Currently, Turkey is said to be one such country that does not allow ‘double-registered’ aircraft into its airspace.

A representative from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency did not provide a comment on the development.