A China Eastern Airlines aircraft carrying 132 passengers has crashed in a mountainous area of the Chinese province of Guangxi, the BBC has reported.

According to the news report, the China Eastern Boeing 737 aircraft took off from Kunming and was on its way to Guangzhou.

Details about the cause of the crash and number of casualties are yet to be established. It is feared that there could be no survivors.

Rescue teams have been rushed to the crash site, and firefighters have put out the fire.

Videos taken by locals at the accident site are being widely shared on social media platforms.

Aircraft debris is said to have scattered across the hill region where the crash took place.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration is also said to have sent a team to conduct investigations at the site.

According to a flight tracking site report, the China Eastern aircraft was in the air for more than an hour and went down close to Wuzhou, which is not far from its intended final destination.

Chinese airlines are said to have maintained a good flight safety record. The last major accident was reported 12 years ago, in August 2010, when a passenger aircraft from Harbin crashed at Yichun and killed 42 people.

China Eastern Airlines has not commented on the incident or responded to any queries, according to the BBC.