Chennai International Airport in Tamil Nadu, India, has installed four baggage scanners in its domestic terminal to reduce screening time for passengers.

The airport will deploy four inline baggage screening (ILBS) scanners to replace the current standalone X-ray machine, where passengers have to lift the baggage for the screening process.

The Hindu quoted an Airports Authority of India (AAI) official as saying: “This will definitely ease congestion at the domestic terminal to a great extent during the peak hours every day, from 5am till 7am, when several thousand passengers travel out of the domestic terminal.

“Usually, passengers have to wait for quite sometime in the morning to first get their baggage checked through these standalone X-ray machines and now, all they have to do is go to the airline counter and simply leave the baggage in the machine. This will save time for them.”

The departures hall at the airport’s international terminal also recently received the upgraded inline scanners.

However, as the airport sees many first-time domestic travellers, they will need to be alerted prior to the flight that they cannot carry liquids or power banks in the baggage that they plan to check-in.

The airport officials will observe the machines for any glitches and will fix them immediately.

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Chennai International Airport is located in Tirusulam, a suburb 7km south of Chennai.

It is the fourth busiest Indian airport in terms of passenger handling, after Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru international airports.

Last month, the airport announced that phase one of its expansion will be completed by 2020, after which the construction of Terminal 2 will start.