Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) in North Carolina, the US, has started construction on the 366,000ft² Terminal Lobby Expansion as part of its Destination CLT programme.

With an investment of $2.5bn to $3.1bn, Destination CLT involves renovating the concourse and expanding the airfield, curb front, roadways and terminal.

Estimated to cost $600m, the terminal expansion project will add 175,000ft² to the airport and refurbish an additional 191,000ft². Extra space will be added for ticketing and baggage claim.

The project will also combine the five existing security checkpoints into three larger checkpoints, which will feature automated screening lanes.

To protect passengers from extreme weather conditions, a 146,000ft² exterior canopy will be installed over the elevated roadway and terminal curb front.

The terminal will be linked with the hourly deck through two overhead and two subterranean walkways.

It will also feature modern ticket counters, charging stations, five concession spaces and eight original artworks.

The Queen Charlotte statue will be erected in the terminal and enclosed in a box till the project’s completion.

In October, Charlotte City Council approved the Terminal Lobby Expansion at the airport.

This project is expected to help the airport tackle its growing passenger traffic. Last year, CLT saw 12.5 million originating passengers and 33 million connecting passengers, which was the highest footfall recorded at the airport.

The expansion project is expected to be complete within six years. CLT stated that it will adopt the necessary steps to reduce the impact on passengers during the construction phase.

Since 2015, CLT has completed many Destination CLT projects.

Last year, CLT opened the first phase of its Concourse A expansion. Projects completed this year include the Concourse B renovation, East Terminal Expansion, The Plaza and upper and lower roadways.