Luxembourg-based CHAMP Cargosystems, an integrated IT solutions provider for the air freight community, has won a contract to deliver its Cargospot Handling solution to Aéroport Paris-Vatry in France.

The solution is anticipated to facilitate ground handling service operations at the airport, enhancing the speed and efficiency of cargo operations.

Aéroport Paris-Vatry also opted for Cargospot Mobile to complement its new cargo management application.

The aim is to deploy modern mobile devices for warehouse operations in a cost-effective manner.

As a comprehensive cargo operations and terminal management solution, Champ’s Cargospot Handling technology can be easily used by ground handlers and terminal operators.

In addition, it enables smooth training in minimal time.

The ground handling service at the airport, through Cargospot Mobile, will be able to reap benefits from a variety of iOS and Android mobile devices.

This, in turn, will minimise the inefficiencies that arise from using non-native systems.

With Cargospot Handling, all data gathered on the warehouse floor will be recorded into Aéroport Paris-Vatry’s cargo management application directly.

Aéroport Paris-Vatry managing director Christophe Parois said: “We look forward to bringing our handling operations to the next level with Cargospot Handling and Mobile. The cargo management application will effectively increase our control over shipments passing through our warehouse operations.”

Champ Cargosystems global sales and account management director David Linford said: “We are pleased Aéroport Paris-Vatry has chosen Cargospot for its cargo handling operations. With our Cargospot Mobile solution, the airport will have the ability to manage its cargo movement efficiently via real-time data synchronisation to the Cargospot system.”