The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added Breeze Airways under its TSA PreCheck expedited screening programme.

The current TSA PreCheck members will now be able to book flights immediately on Breeze Airways via their Known Traveller Number (KTN).

Starting from 27 May, Breeze Airways will operate its first flights between Charleston, Tampa and Hartford.

As an expedited screening programme, TSA PreCheck provides a screening experience to low-risk passengers at over 200 US airports.

This screening programme eliminates the need to remove shoes, food items, belts, liquids, laptops and light jackets.

This service is available for qualified departing passengers from a US airport or when boarding domestic flights after returning to the country.

Under a five-year membership, US citizens, US nationals and US lawful permanent residents can apply for this service at a cost of $85.

After approval, those enrolled receive a unique KTN in three to five days.

When included in an airline reservation, the KTN allows the passenger to use TSA PreCheck lanes at security checkpoints while travelling on any of the participating carriers.

The members of the three US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Trusted Traveler programmes, including Global Entry, Sentri and Nexus, are eligible for this service.

Furthermore, the US Armed Forces service members such as those serving in the US Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard, are also eligible to use TSA PreCheck.

Over 80 airlines are currently enrolled under the TSA PreCheck programme.

TSA stated that about 98% of travellers in TSA PreCheck lanes at the airports waited less than five minutes in April last year.

Meanwhile, last week, TSA selected Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to test detection technology for tracking drones that enter restricted airspace.