Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) in the US has teamed up with technology solutions provider accesso Technology Group for testing a Virtual Security Line.

The alliance helps accesso set foot into the airline industry.

In April, the airport deployed the Virtual Security Line, which is powered by accesso’s intuitive Qsmart (SM) virtual queuing platform, on a trial basis.

Initially set to run for a duration of eight weeks, the technology is still in operation and is facilitating the airport and its passengers, noted accesso.

At present, passengers at the airport can move through the airport’s security line by using virtual queuing.

Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns and runs Boston Logan Airport, chief information officer Kwang Chen said: “The TSA line creates stress for many travellers, so our goal for this pilot programme is to see if a virtual queue improves the customer experience by helping to reduce some of that stress while travelling.”

The passengers at the airport can navigate towards the Virtual Security Line by using the Qsmart platform directly from their phones without downloading any app.

The aim is to eliminate a potential point of physical contact, thus ensuring physical distancing during the pandemic.

The platform will show the passengers their remaining wait time and notify them in the browser session when to enter the line.

For redeeming their place in line, airport staff will scan the QR code on the passenger’s mobile device at the line’s entrance.

In a statement, accesso said: “Without the need to configure additional hardware, Qsmart boasts a rapid implementation time, making the process easy for airport staff as well.

“Additionally, Qsmart allows staff to reduce traffic inconsistencies and, instead, forecast and achieve a steady, manageable flow of arriving passengers.”