Lithuanian Airports has revealed plans to install a new baggage management system that adheres to the international security standards at Vilnius International Airport.

The airport operator has announced two public procurements and is searching for contractors to install the system.

The new facility will feature a baggage screening system and self-service baggage drop-off kiosks.

After the complete installation of the system, the baggage throughput rate is expected to triple from 900 units an hour to 2,400.

The baggage system will be equipped with a belt conveyor system and a four-level screening system for checked-in baggage that features X-ray machines with an advanced explosives detection system (EDS).

In addition, another X-ray machine will be used to screen the out-of-gauge baggage.

The system is expected to receive certification from the European institutions and will adhere to the international ECAC Standard 3 for checked-in baggage screening.

The operator also plans to install self-service baggage drop-off stations at Vilnius Airport’s departures terminal. These stations will be integrated with the new baggage management system.

Vilnius Airport head Dainius Čiuplys said: “During the last five years the number of passengers has grown by nearly 50% at Vilnius Airport alone.

“We expect to maintain a consistent annual growth in the future, therefore adequate baggage management is gaining importance and the renewed baggage systems will help increase airport capacity, serve increased passenger flows conveniently and expeditiously, as well as have the equipment, which is compliant with all international standards at the new departure terminal.”

Lithuanian Airports also plans to acquire one EDS and one X-ray machine to screen out-of-gauge baggage at Kaunas Airport.