Aviator secures three-year de-icing services contract from Norwegian
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Aviator secures three-year de-icing services contract from Norwegian

03 Sep 2021 (Last Updated September 3rd, 2021 15:18)

Aviator will provide services for Norwegian’s aircraft in Bergen, Bodø, Bardufoss, Tromsø and Trondheim airports.

Aviator secures three-year de-icing services contract from Norwegian
A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800. Credit: Bene Riobó/ Wikimedia.

Aviation services provider Aviator Airport Alliance has secured a contract to undertake de-icing services for Norwegian, a Norway-based airline.

The three-year de-icing contract is effective from 22 September 2021.

Aviator will be responsible for providing de-icing services for Norwegian’s aircraft in Bergen (BGO), Bodø (BOO), Bardufoss (BDU), Tromsø (TOS) and Trondheim (TRD) Airports in Norway.

Aviator said that the de-icing services will ensure safe flights during the harsh winter seasons for the Norwegian aircraft.

Norwegian operations executive vice-president Adrian Dunne said: “We are very pleased to have entered into a de-icing contract with Aviator for these domestic Norwegian destinations where Aviator already handles our traffic.

“De-icing is a vital safety requirement during the Nordic winter months, and Aviator will contribute to ensuring that our aircraft are ready for on-time departures.”

Norwegian operates a short-haul network across the Nordics and to key European destinations.

Aviator is engaged in providing ground handling services ranging from passenger and baggage handling, de-icing, full-freight handling and cargo, station services, including airport security and the Nordic Dino aircraft washing robot.

Earlier this year, Norway-based airline Flyr signed a partnership agreement with Aviator Airport Alliance for ground handling services.

The agreement offers Flyr access to Aviator’s range of passenger and ramp-handling services, including de-icing, at all Norwegian airports where Aviator operates.

Aviator agreed to provide the services at carrier’s destinations including Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø and Bodø.