Autonomous driving technology firm Argo AI has selected Munich Airport’s (MUC) LabCampus innovation centre for testing and developing its vehicles.

Argo AI will build a test track at the airport under the newly signed contractual agreement with the agency and consulting service provider CBRE Group.

It will also lease space at LAB 48, the first LabCampus office building, scheduled to open next year.

The test track will be constructed next to the aircraft maintenance hangars in the south-western area of the airport.

The airport stated that the autonomously driven vehicles will be tested in numerous traffic conditions under realistic situations.

MUC CEO Jost Lammers said: “This deal illustrates the vast potential of the LabCampus as a think tank and test laboratory for forward-looking mobility concepts. Argo AI’s commitment is therefore an important signal to all other firms that can benefit from the vast opportunities of this innovation centre.”

LabCampus managing director Dr Marc Wagener added: “By providing this testing ground at Munich Airport for major players in key industries, we are boosting Bavaria’s appeal and competitiveness as a high-tech location.”

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, US, Argo AI was established in 2016. In 2020, automotive manufacturer Volkswagen Group invested $2.6bn in the company. Munich later became the Argo AI’s EU headquarters.

Recently, Munich Airport started using the all-electric de-icing vehicle named Elephant e-BETA, which was incorporated by the EFM de-icing and aircraft towing firm at the airport.

Danish manufacturer Vestergaard developed the new electrically operated de-icing unit, which features spray arms and nozzles run by electric motors, enabling it to de-ice the aircraft effectively and noiselessly.