Analogic has secured a $198.4m contract to supply and install its checkpoint security screening systems at airports across the US.

Awarded by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the multi-year contract is part of TSA’s new Checkpoint Property Screening Systems (CPSS) programme.

The CPSS programme seeks to replace the previous generation of X-ray scanners at airports nationwide.

The company will be responsible for the delivery, installation, and maintenance of more than 300 mid-size ConneCT Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint security screening systems.

Analogic CEO Tom Ripp said: “Analogic is exceedingly pleased to receive TSA qualification under this program and to have received the TSA’s first production award for the deployment of these important CPSS systems at US airport security checkpoints.

“On the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded of the importance of our work and are proud to again be working with the TSA to deploy Analogic’s advanced 3D CT technology to strengthen our nation’s aviation security while enabling a more secure, efficient and passenger-friendly process.”

The screening technology has been designed to offer improved 3D images of scanned luggage and its contents to the security officers at the airport.

Officers can easily identify dangerous concealed objects without the need to ask passengers to take out electronics or food from carry-on bags.

This enhanced capability further enhances aviation security while offering the passengers a touch-free, secure, and efficient environment.

Headquartered in Peabody, Massachusetts, US, Analogic has been offering CT systems for more than four decades.

Analogic said that more than 2,000 CT systems and gantries are deployed worldwide via its original equipment manufacturer security partners.