Several airlines were forced to cancel around 180 flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport yesterday due to the malfunctioning of a fuel system operated by Aircraft Fuel Supply.

This led to thousands of passengers being stranded at Schiphol and other airports.

To avoid a chaotic situation, the airport reduced the number of incoming flights to a third of the normal capacity. By the time issue came into light, nearly 70 flights were in the queue for refuelling.

Schiphol Airport in a statement said: “Travellers who had planned to depart this evening are now advised to consult, the Schiphol app, or their airlines for the most up-to-date flight information prior to setting-off from their location to the airport.”

The airport said today that it has resolved the issue in collaboration with Aircraft Fuel Supply.

It added that the system that controls the supply of aircraft fuel is currently starting up cautiously and gradually.

Dutch airline KLM warned that flights could also be cancelled today due to the phased restart of operations at the airport.

Aircraft Fuel Supply said that the failure of the system was not due to the current heatwave in Europe.

Recently, the baggage system at Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in the UK failed, forcing passengers to fly without bags.

A Heathrow spokesperson told The Sun: “We apologise for disruption experienced as a result of an issue with our baggage system in Terminal 2 yesterday evening.

“This means passengers departing Terminal 2 may have travelled without their hold bags.

“We are working closely with our airline partners to reunite passengers with their luggage as soon as possible and those affected should contact their airlines for more information.”