Airservices Australia has joined forces with four airports and three airlines to reduce aircraft waiting times.

The company has partnered with Qantas Group, Virgin Australia Group and Alliance Airlines, as well as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Airports to implement airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM).

Information will be shared with all stakeholders involved in the preparation of an aircraft for a flight. During departures, this will reduce aircraft waiting times on taxiways.

With this partnership, it is estimated that around $40m can be saved on fuel, maintenance and carbon emissions over nine years when departure waiting times are reduced by 7% in peak periods.

With the A-DCM, data can be exchanged between air traffic control, network operations, airport operators and ground handlers.

This supports the use of information regarding aircraft arrival, turn-around and departure times to boost operational efficiency and reduce delays while giving accurate information to passengers.

Swedish aerospace company Saab has been selected to apply a Cloud-based platform for the capability, which is expected to start operations by mid next year.

Airservices ATM network services manager Paddy Goodall said: “The aviation industry has recognised that optimising the network and providing a seamless passenger experience cannot be achieved by each company or organisation working in isolation.

“This programme shows we can all work together to achieve better outcomes for the travelling public and to reduce carbon emissions.”

Sydney Airport Operations general manager Matt Duffy said: “Sydney Airport is proud to support this programme, which represents the collective desire of the aviation industry to constantly evolve and improve for the benefit of all our customers and stakeholders.”