France’s Groupe ADP and its partner companies have signed a charter named ‘Airports for Trust’ in order to establish an even more sustainable airport industry with greater collaboration.

Collaborating in this effort with Groupe ADP are 23 partners, including Amman’s Airport International Group, Istanbul’s TAV Airports, Grâce-Hollogne’s Liège Airports, Zagreb’s ZAG, Santiago de Chile’s Nuevo Pudahuel, and Madagascar’s Ravinala Airports.

Airports for Trust charter has emphasised on four main ambitions, including the aim to attain carbon neutrality by 2030 and conduct zero-environmental-impact operations.

The charter has also focused on the industry’s environmental transition efforts, the integration of each airport into a local resource system, and the reduction of environmental footprint.

In addition, the signatories have also pledged to reduce noise exposure and extend airport activity benefits among nearby societies.

The new charter is in line with the rationale adopted by Groupe ADP in 2020.

The signatories have also decided to evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic footprints of their airports, monitoring growth with transparency on all the declared targets.

Groupe ADP chairman and CEO Augustin de Romanet said: “The ‘Airports for Trust’ charter embodies a common vision of the future of our airport industry. At a time when air transport as a whole is facing some of the hardest challenges in its history with the fight against global warming, it can seize this opportunity to reinvent its industrial model in-depth and imagine and apply more efficient and responsible processes.”

Airport International Group CEO Nicolas Claude added: “As a subsidiary of Groupe ADP, we are proud to be part of this coordinated global initiative. For many years, Airport International Group has been committed to operating as a socially-responsible company that supports the development of nearby underprivileged communities and the empowerment of local youth. And it is this same dedication that has spurred QAIA to become the first carbon-neutral airport in the region and an active advocate of climate-friendly activities.”