Abu Dhabi-based Afroport has signed a long-term agreement with Spanish IT solution provider Amadeus for the modernisation of airports in Africa.

According to the agreement, Afroport airports will switch to Amadeus Flow, a Cloud-based platform for providing passenger services.

Afroport has been commissioned by the government of Mauritania to upgrade and manage Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport (NKC), under a long-term contract.

Nouakchott Airport is the first Afroport airport to deploy Amadeus Flow.

This development commenced in June last year and was concluded remotely, in the absence of any on-site engineer.

Due to this modernisation, the passenger traffic at Nouakchott is said to have touched 90% of 2019 levels.

The new Cloud solutions at the airport are enabling ground handlers to offer ‘a consistent service’ at key passenger touchpoints and supporting improved tracking and management of passenger baggage.

In addition, the new Cloud computing infrastructure is said to have helped the airport to easily connect with its airline partners.

In a statement, Amadeus said: “Importantly for a remote location like Nouakchott, virtually any airline can now connect to the airport easily over the internet, deploying its own applications simply, without an on-site IT project.”

Amadeus Europe, Middle East, and Africa Airport IT vice-president Yannick Beunardeau said: “The Afroport team has a wealth of experience in aviation and a compelling model for modernising airports across Africa.

“We’re pleased to be moving them to our cloud-based platform, which has native integration to hundreds of airlines, making it much easier for carriers to begin serving Nouakchott whilst delivering a modern passenger experience.”

Afroport, a new private company, aims to become Africa’s leading airport group on the basis of its operating model.

It focuses on multiple areas of airport management, including passenger, flight and ground handling services, retail concessions as well as airport hospitality.

Earlier this month, Heathrow Airport in the UK initiated a trial of touchless bag drop technology developed by Amadeus.