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Russian flag carrier Aeroflot is temporarily stopping all its international flight services from 8 March 2022 in light of the Ukraine conflict.

This suspension excludes flights to neighbouring Belarus. 

Aeroflot’s subsidiaries Rossiya Airlines and Aurora Airlines will also stall international services.

In a statement, Aeroflot said: “To reduce risks for passengers of inability to use return flights to Russia Aeroflot, starting from 6 March (00:00 MSK), will stop admitting on international flights passengers holding return tickets with the return segment to Russia dated after 8 March 2022.

“Passengers of international flights holding one-way tickets with departure from Russia will be admitted for carriage until the moment of flights suspension.”

Aeroflot said that affected passengers would receive a full refund for their tickets.

In addition to Aeroflot, other Russian airlines, including S7, has also decided to suspend their international flight services, Reuters reported.

Russian charter airline companies Azur Air and Royal Flight are said to have also ceased their international operations.

Royal Flight’s move is said to be in response to sanctions imposed by the EU, as a result of which the charter airline company has decided to stop its air services from Moscow.

The company released a statement on its website, which said: “We regret to inform you that due to restrictive measures introduced by the EU, air transportation of passengers from Russia is stopped starting from 00:00 LT 5 March 2022.

“Royal Flight Airlines continues the exportation of its tourists from foreign airports. We kindly ask the passengers to follow the changes in the timetable and be in touch with the airline and tour operators for actual departure time clarification.”