The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has awarded a contract to Russian Scientific and Production Corporation ‘Radio technical Systems’ (RTS) for the delivery of instrument landing system (ILS)-734 at 24 Indian airports.

Under the contract, RTS will manufacture and deliver 34 ILS sets to modernise the airports.

In a statement, the Russian Embassy in India said that the contract was the result of a global tender, which saw the participation of the largest radio equipment providers worldwide.

“The increased interest of leading manufacturers in the competition is due to the scale of the project: this lot for the purchase of landing systems has become the largest in the world over the past few years,” the statement noted.

According to the contract, RTS will make the first ILS-734 deliveries before November.

The technology is said to enable equipped aircraft to land with a minimum decision height of 15m and a minimum runway visual range of 50m.

Russian Ambassador in India Denis Alipov said: “The contract between RTS and AAI has become a breakthrough for Russian business in the highly competitive market of ground-based radio equipment in India.

“There is no doubt that the successful execution of the contract will open up new opportunities for the implementation of joint projects to modernise Indian airport infrastructure.”

The contract comes amid pressure from Western countries for India to diversify its dependence on Moscow due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.