Sweden Announces Plans for Nationwide ADS-B Network - Swedavia
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Sweden Announces Plans for Nationwide ADS-B Network – Swedavia

26 Sep 2006 (Last Updated September 26th, 2006 06:20)

Sweden has announced its plans for a nationwide ADS-B network with 12 ground stations.

Sweden Announces Plans for Nationwide ADS-B Network – Swedavia
ADS-B controller’s display.

The network will optimise air traffic control, while offering airlines substantial cost savings, as well as environmental benefits.

The deployment will be carried out in close cooperation with airports and airlines, and signals a breakthrough for the next-generation communications systems based on ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) standards. Installation
will commence during spring 2006, and the network will become fully operational in 2007.

All airlines will benefit from the enhanced service levels, with fewer delays and more efficient operations, provided by the Swedish ANS service provider – The LFV Group.


The decision makes Sweden the first country to achieve nationwide coverage for ADS-B communications systems. It utilises satellite navigation combined with wireless data links, a solution that is expected to complement traditional, radar-based air
traffic control systems, while enabling communications between airport ground control systems and aircraft.

Based on the VDL Mode 4 standards, the network of ground stations can support services for ADS-B, TIS-B, FIS-B, GNS-B (DGNSS augmentation) and point-to-point communication, allowing aircraft equipped with VDL 4-compliant transceivers to lower fuel
consumption and reduce flight times.

Through its firm commitment to next-generation control and communications systems, The LFV Group expects to further reduce costs for managing air traffic control in the future.

The extensive knowledge within The LFV Group concerning ADS-B is also available to international customers through Swedavia AB.