Heathrow’s Managing Director Tony Douglas described the day as “a
truly monumental day in aviation history.”

Safegate’s Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) was chosen to park the aircraft at the new Pier Six, which has been specifically designed to accommodate the A380 twin-deck airliner.

The successful landing and docking, was witnessed by leading dignitaries from the aviation industry, and follows hot on the tail of the A380’s inaugural flight to Dubai.

Heathrow’s Safety Development Manager, John Kirkham, was impressed with the system. “It guided the aircraft right to its exact stopping position on the apron and proved beyond doubt that the Safedock system is right for Heathrow’s future.”

Safegate can now boast of participating in the first live tests of the A380 at both Heathrow and Dubai airports and is proud to be recognised as the number one supplier of A-VDGS in the world.