Special Outdoor Displays for the Transport Sector – Conrac

25 September 2006 (Last Updated September 25th, 2006 18:30)

In addition to Conrac's standard series of robust flat panel displays the company now offers IP54 protected screens.

Special Outdoor Displays for the Transport Sector – Conrac

Conrac’s IP-TEC series of large-screen LCD / TFT displays has been specially designed for outdoor applications, as well as for indoor use with special requirements regarding the environmental conditions, e.g. where dust, moisture or immense variations in temperature are involved.


The main fields of application in airports are in baggage handling and loading areas, as well as car parks or other outside areas where a certain ruggedization of the displays is required. The displays are also ideal for railway, bus and subway

Similar to IP20 displays, customisation of IP54 displays is a major issue. All IP54 protected displays are based on a modular construction which allows various configurations. It is possible to combine a different number of integrated screens to
create single-sided or double-sided displays.


All displays can be supplied with or without an integrated controller which supports different software applications. The monitor-only versions can be connected to standard PC systems.

To offer maximum flexibility concerning the information to be displayed, the IP54 series can be used for operation in both landscape and portrait mode applications. All displays feature integrated display heating and ventilation, robust metal housing,
and a laminated safety glass panel with high-efficiency, anti-glare treatment for superior legibility in a public environment.

The IP54 series of displays uses the latest high-performance LCD / TFT displays. Screens are currently available in 32in, 40in, 46in and 57in. Conrac is also planning the launch of a series of IP65 protected units, with screen diagonals from 32in to