• RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – Category Award – Passenger Systems

Design and Science Lab is a Stuttgart headquartered company focused on research and development in the aviation industry. The company is a Category Award Winner for Research and Development in the 2023 Airport Technology Excellence Awards due to its work developing new concepts for passenger safety, airport and airline efficiency.

Next generation airport

The company has developed a novel new concept for increasing the safety and efficiency of passenger movement through the pre-boarding, boarding process and inflight. The system, based on sophisticated algorithms, takes over the automatic execution of all necessary steps and actions. Agv‘s (autonomous guided vehicles) move the seating passengers from the entrance of the airport through all necessary or desired steps to position them in the aircraft cabin, the procedure is repeated in reverse when disembarking by new agv‘s, moving the passengers from the cabin to the airport-exit or to the connection-flight

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Ultimately, the passenger’s wish is to travel safely, comfortably and quickly from A to B. Unfortunately, far more time is wasted at airports than on the actual flight. We’re going to change that, now!

Stelios Delivos – Design and Science Lab Managing Director

The system is designed to improve the efficiency of passenger movement through airports as well as improving the flow of pre-flight checks; and allowing more flexibility for aircraft design by removing fixed seat layouts.

In addition, the seats also offer optional health and safety benefits as they can be turned into capsules with additional ventilation and disinfection systems to protect passengers and staff in the context of a future pandemic, thus removing the need for reduced capacity or additional checks at airports.

Alongside general efficiency, the system could also offer benefits for the luxury segment as well as to the elderly and passengers with disabilities by removing the need and accompanying stress of traversing the airport independently.

Capsule system

The economic benefits arise from the optimization of the processes, which creates enormous potential for saving time and resources, including opening-up new markets and enabling new business models.

Company Profile

Design and Science Lab, based in Stuttgart – Germany, was founded as a research and development center with the aim of providing solutions for the optimization of processes, applications and business models, mainly in the aviation and mobility industry.

Our pioneering and multidisciplinary team is a group of curious, visionary dreamers who are passionate about innovation and difficult solutions.

Disruptive innovation does not happen by itself. It takes strong will and perseverance to advance the merging of different technologies like A. I., robotics and health tech.

Our vision is to shape the future by developing cutting-edge technology.