Why global manufacturers are moving operations to Bahrain

7 January 2021 (Last Updated January 7th, 2021 18:12)

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Why global manufacturers are moving operations to Bahrain

In 2006 Bahrain became the first GCC country to establish a Free Trade Agreement with USA. Since then, the manufacturing and logistics sectors have flourished, with a large number of Fortune 50 companies establishing operations in the Kingdom.

Watch this short video to hear from companies who have moved their operations from the Far East and Europe to Bahrain. Business leaders share their first-hand experience of access to global markets, a welcoming culture and government support.

Bahrain is more than a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa, it is a manufacturing base supported by world class logistics infrastructure. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking to expand or consolidate their international manufacturing or logistics businesses.


Free Whitepaper

Logistics in Bahrain: the data to decide

This whitepaper from KPMG analyses the cost of basing logistics operations in the GCC jurisdictions including Bahrain.

The report analyses the cost of business registration and licensing; land rentals; construction cost for warehouse units; renting cost for office and pre-built warehouse facilities; infrastructure levy cost; utility charges; manpower and labour accommodation cost; employment visa cost; transport and logistics-related costs.

Download this whitepaper to discover the data needed to properly evaluate the advantages of locating a logistics operation in the region. Also benefit from KMPG’s analysis of which locations offer the lowest overall operating costs.

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